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Training Your Dog To Poop Outside

The key is having a command for going poop. I use the words “go poopies”. Preferably, when your dog is a puppy start training him to go in one place in the yard. It’s still possible for older dogs, it just takes longer. This will take a bit of your time up front, but the payoff is a nice poop-free…

Chicago Dog Waste Removal Team

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Taking Care of Your Aging Dog

It all begins subtly. Some day or other, you notice grey hairs on the snout of your furry friend. And the next thing you know, they aren’t as active as they used to be, they are no longer responding to you as well besides having a difficult time getting up. You also start noticing lumps along with poor coat conditions…

More Snow or a Big Melt?

When the snow melts look out! This could be another snow season so make sure you call Chicago Dog Services for all your dog waste removal needs. Get a FREE first time clean up or FREE month of service when you prepay 6 months of service. Go to and order service online today.

Please, Just Clean Up My Dog Poop

Dogs Rule, and all they need is a dog poop pick up. Yea, our furry little friends do need food, water, a walk and some attention. But what they really want is a clean yard and a dog poop pick up. The average number of dogs per family has risen in the past few years. Why is that? We are so busy…

10 Reasons Why I Like Dogs More Than People

I like dogs more than most people, anyways. I don’t care who knows it. The more people I meet, the older I get, the more I like my dogs. I take pictures of them, more than my kids, even. See, my dogs don’t MOVE when I try to take their pictures and they never stick their tongue out. Mostly because…